Troye Sivan’s “Easy” — brilliant approach to sad songs

The Australian singer quickly returns to music with his new sound.

Under the influence of the pandemic, the music industry seems to halt its power. Many artists chose to delay their comeback while others feel that it is a good time to shower their fans with their new materials. Troye Sivan is not the exception. Exactly 2 years from his critical-acclaimed second album “Bloom”, the singer made a short-but-sweet return with his new melancholic sound called “Easy” as well as announcing his new EP — “In a Dream”, coming out August 21.

In April, Troye Sivan surprised us with the release of “Take Yourself Home”, a folk-inspired ballad with the banging outro, one of the most phenomenal tracks of the first half of 2020. It feels like Troye Sivan is always honest with his feelings in all his production when both “Take Yourself Home” and “Easy” reflect his state of mind through this hard time that we are going through. While “Take Yourself Home” describes the tiredness of living and trying all alone, enduring the city life and the longing to go home with his family and friends, “Easy” is a brilliant take on the feelings of heartbroken but with the desire to reconcile with a dysfunctional relationship after a stroke of infidelity. With “Easy”, the lyric is one of the most significant aspects as it plays like an apology letter as well as a story following the narrator’s take on how he is at the edge of ending a relationship with the other person because he is not faithful. “This house is on fire, woo” is the clearest comparison of the distorted relationship in the song as he uses the metaphor of a collapsing house while trying to find a reason to blame for his mistake (“What the hell did we do?”). And after all, the narrator in the song begs to stay with his lover.

Troye Sivan’s new EP “In A Dream” — out August 21

With the beat of 80s pop music fused with synths and bedroom pop, “Easy” is a “sad song that you can dance to”, reminds us of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” but in a more crafty style. The OzGo-produced track sounds cheery and full of hope on the surface as it is “dance-able” and can be the center of attention in Troye’s future concerts, however, the lyrics are the painful crumbles that we can experience throughout this song.

And it is simply how we make a sad song in 2020. A sad song but you can dance to.

Check out the music video for “Easy” by Troye Sivan:




I write my thoughts once in a while. But love to write.

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Gia Bao Huynh Tan

Gia Bao Huynh Tan

I write my thoughts once in a while. But love to write.

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